New Home system 6 zone WIRED ceiling speakers

  • 16 January 2018
  • 4 replies

I am creating a new system which will have mulitple tvs and multiple rooms with audio. I want to control hardwire speakers. Considering an HEOS 2400 and amp but that is where it gets complicated. Witheverything moving to wireless, I am wondering if hardired 6 zone amps are a thing of the past? Looked at the MCA66 russound...

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4 replies

Russound just announced Alexa integration which makes it a much more interesting option than it used to be.

With nearly 200 IP reservations in my router, a large number of which represent wireless devices, I'm thinking there may be some practical limits to moving "everything to wireless". You might find a wired music system fed by a few Sonos Connects is a good alternative if running the cable is practical for you.

In any case I would ignore any wired vs. wireless hype and just focus on what would provide the best end result for your situation.
So you suggest sonas connects tied to a Denon HEoS? The connects are not an amp so would I need an amp too for each zone.
I would not mix Sonos and Heos. If you do not use the Russound system then you can use Connect Amps instead of Connects to provide the amplification. If you decide to use Heos you will not get much advice here as this is a Sonos forum.
I wish Sonas has an equal AVR that would bring it all in and send it out....