New buyer set up questions and scenarios?

  • 14 November 2016
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So, I am really wanting to get into Sonos, but have some concerns about how to best approach with my existing set up. I will lay out the scenario and ask for some input on what anyone feels is the best options for me.

I have a large great room (about 40'x40') that currently has TV on fireplace, with center channel on mantle, SUB, 2 tower speakers and in ceiling surrounds. It works great for surround TV and also great for listing to music in the big room. All of my components are in the adjoining office (Pioneer Elite receiver, sat DVR, record player, apple TV) and input sourced through the Receiver with single HDMI to the TV. Its controlled with a Logitech IR remote.

The scenario I want to end up with is good TV sound (not necessary to have surround here anymore, as I have it downstairs) plus ability to listen to music that sounds full in the big room. I was thinking soundbar as first step (remove towers and center channel) but I am concerned the music will be really thin in such a large area (I have tried a cheaper soundbar before and it was terrible...). Plus I am not sure how the set up would work with existing components in another room (maybe just optical OUT from TV to soundbar is all that is needed?)

I was also thinking maybe the soundbar and a single PLAY 5 and set up? What would you do? Appreciate any input here...

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4 replies

If the current setup is working great, why change it? If you want to add Sonos streaming convenience, add a Sonos Connect to your existing receiver, assuming it has a free input. The Connect has a choice of outputs: RCA analogue, digital coaxial and digital optical.

Then put other Sonos speakers around your home as desired.
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Your receiver should Havr an all stereo dso mode that should work best for music. The. Like John said get a Sonos connect to control music.
Sorry, I should add that the goal is to eliminate the tower speakers in the wife finds them "ugly"...I personally think they are a thing of beauty...that is the real point of looking to switch over, plus ability to add on wireless in other rooms.
Why not replace the towers with a pair of decent quality satellites, since you seem to have the bass needs covered via the Sub?

And add Connect/other speakers the manner John B has suggested, if Sonos is to be added. Better to add it as another layer than as a replacement because that can get complicated once TV is in the mix.