Need help picking a few things.

  • 30 November 2016
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I have a few decisions to make, I was thinking of getting a sonos playbar and sub but with issues to Samsung JU series I will stick with my Samsung soundbar setup, unless people can convince me otherwise. I have 5 play 1's I live in a townhome and h have 5 alexa devices.

I am able to get a
Playbar $384
sub $384
play 3 $164.45
play 5 $219.45

I play 5 would be huge in my area, a play 3 I can totally handle, and I'm just worried about the playbar and sub combo.

Any thoughts?

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1 reply

Well decided. I'm going with 2 play 3's and a single play 5, skipping the sub and playbar because of the issues and being 100% happy with the Samsung set up I have.

Instead of stereo pair with the P1's, I'm going to do that with the 3's on my middle floor, so the 2 P1's I'm taking from there will head to the extra bedrooms, that leaves me a play 5 and play 1 left to figure out. I'm thinking the play 5 to my office at work for now.

(All 3 bedrooms will have a P1)
(Master bath P1)
(Middle floor kitchen/living/dining room P3 stereo)

Basement we never listen to music down there, and not sure any other room should get a play 1 or 5.

And this deal is to good to pass up on a new play 5.

Any tips or combos I'm not thinking about?