Need help finding a suitable setup

  • 26 November 2020
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Im planning on setting up a sort of home theatre in my living room, without it dominating the whole room. 

Plan is to have a motorized screen mounted to the beam going across the middle of the room (see picture), so that is not very visible while not in use.

Since the scrren will be in the middle of the room, there will not be a wall or any furniture to place a sound bar or audio system. Any speakers / sound system would have to be mounted on the same beam, or in the ceiling. 

What do you guys think would be a good setup for this? I havent used Sonos systems before, so not familiar with the different products and wheter og not they work well together. 

We dont want the system to dominate the living room while not in use, so my thought is two smaller speakers on each side of the projection screen. 

- Can i use two “ONE SL" speakers and have them work together to provide stereo sound? 
- Would it be better getting a soundbar and mounting it in the roof or above the screen? (Will probably not look as good, so not an ideal solution)
- Could i use two “ONE SL” and an additional subwoofer and have them work together? 

How hard is it to make several speakers work together? Do i need additional equpment (ie. a reciever) to connect with my media player or Projector?

I would prefer only having to pull power and HDMI cable to the projector. So ideally i would want a source to send picure to the projector and sound to the sound system. Any ideas for a media player that can do that?

Alot of questions - hope you guys can help! Appreciate it :)

Edit: Of course - if you have a better idea of what to get than what i propsed, let me know!


2 replies

I see three remotes on the coffee table. This suggests that there is currently an unseen (in the photo) TV in the room. Why do you want to move to a projection screen? I also note that you do not have any window covering. Without window covering, in my opinion, the room will be too bright for daytime viewing of the projection screen. Also, where will you place the projector? Will there be an attempt to view the screen from both sides?

Another aspect of this room is that there are no carpets or drapes. The room is very “live” and this will frustrate any attempt at good sound. Finally, I’m not fond of 100% ceiling speakers when the audio is associated with video because the sound will seem dislocated from the video. If you want to go with ceiling speakers, look into Amina speakers. Properly installed, these will be invisible. They are quite different from the typical in-wall speaker. If you walk into a room with Amina speakers installed it is not easy to point to the speakers and they perform better than conventional speakers in extremely live rooms.

There are ways to distribute HDMI wirelessly, but they are very prone to intermittent, frustrating issues. You may need to experiment with different approaches and I expect that there will be future technology improvements and you’ll want to replace any wireless HDMI scheme in a couple years.

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Hi @Dundersalt 

I agree with all that @buzz mentioned. Additionally, even if you had the appropriate setup for a screen IMO Sonos is not a good choice for front projector setups. Unless you like HDMI cable running from the projector to the Sonos Arc or Beam. 

With a rear projection system (wherein wires and associated Sonos Amps are behind the screen or inside a closet) Sonos in-wall speakers front and in-ceiling speakers for surround; all by Sonance, could be used. 

Sonos aside I’m more than a bit skeptical as to how you are going to obtain the invisibility look you are aiming for. I’d be interested to see how you accomplish your goal. Good luck.