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  • 1 December 2021
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I have a theater room now with a denon receiver / cd / phono. i would like to put 2 sonos speakers in kitchen. Be able to play simutanusly cd / phono and stream into denon.

3 replies

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A Sonos Port will get you into the Denon, I used that method for years with good results.

Any Sonos you like will work in the kitchen and you can group the rooms to play together.


One Denon issue is that the internal sound processor in the Denon is a bit slow and if used you may notice your speakers hooked to it playing a tiny bit behind the Sonos speakers. Switching off the Denon audio processing solves that issue. It isn’t noticeable if the rooms are divided but we have a big open three space room (kitchen, media, dining) and it was there.

Thxs for your help!!   How would all this be installed??

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The Port is a small device that can sit anywhere near your Denon. It can work using your home WiFi or you can connect it to Ethernet to access your streaming services. It simply plugs into the Denon like a CD player or if you want to send sound from the Denon as well like a tape deck.


Sonos Port: