More volume?

  • 2 June 2017
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Just purchased my first Sonos, the Playbase. Happy with sound, but not enough volume for me. What is my best option to increase volume? Which will add most volume; 2 x Play 5's, or SubBase?

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8 replies

That depends on what are the sounds that are too low. If the deep bass effects, then adding a Sub will address this. But if sound levels feel too low generally even after turning the volume high, there is no solution except sitting closer to the TV. The surround speakers deliver subtle effects, so adding a 1 pair - a 5 is overkill - probably isn't the answer.

You also need to rule out defects by comparing it to another piece. Complaints about volume not being enough are rare.
Thank you for reply. Sound levels are quite a bit lower at max volume than my old bose companion 5's.
If adding pair of Play 3 or 5's will not add more volume, would i be better off changing systems and using the connect amp?
If you are using the kit for music, I suggest a 5 pair instead of Connect Amp. But I suggest you talk to Support to see if the low volume levels on the play base are a defect.
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is the volume too low with Music or TV or both ?
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Only a slim chance, but I've had a Playbar for quite some time and a few months back, the volume went very low. I found that the TV volume had been turned down for some reason and therefore this affected the volume out of the Sonos. Of course I don't listen to TV sound from the TV but from my Playbase and sub but the output volume of the TV affects what comes out of the Playbase. Try raising the volume of the piece of equipment from which you obtain the signal to your Playbase.
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hence my question about the source.

If its low with TV only then this often points to an external factor like the TV.

If its low with Music also (I refer to a music source in the sonos app, not just playing music through the TV!) then this suggests a broader problem.

However, as a Playbar owner, I struggle to see how anyone could want more volume unless its in a very big room !
I found that the TV volume had been turned down for some reason and therefore this affected the volume out of the Sonos.
Wouldn't you normally used a fixed output on the TV, and then control the Sonos as usual?
I am using it for both tv and music, but listen to mostly music - spotify, and itunes.
It is a large room - basement den 25' x 25'.
Will a pair of Play 5's have more top volume than this Playbase?