More than 2 surround speakers possible?

  • 28 December 2016
  • 2 replies

Adding more than 2 surround speakers

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2 replies

You can only have the two surrounds. You could do a Playbar and a ConnectAMP and power multiple speakers off of the Amp. The multiple speakers would not be discreet channels, but it could be done. I would just recommend doing the five discreet channels.
It seems an over sight that you can't do a true center, left, right. And then left rear and right rear. These systems just beg for a true 5.1 where you can set the left and rights several feet over for a true surround rather than the simulated one from a single sound bar that simulates the right and left.

If I could I'd do 8.1 all with separate speakers. A center, front right, front left, true left, true right, right rear, left rear, rear center and probably dual subs.

The problem? Audiophile systems like that are all wired costing thousands in labor, they turn your house into Stonehenge, and they are not intraoperative with a full home audio system.

If sonos had that available with their wireless small speaker form factor they would sell a lot of speakers......I'd buy it