Marantz NR 1605 AV receiver

  • 17 April 2019
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OK - want to install a Sonos solution for a motorhome utilizing a Marantz NR1605 AV receiver... need to establish 3-4 zones - 1st- being 5.1 movie, 2nd - MBR w/ 2 stereo, 3rd outside w/2 stereo and a 4th for ALL speakers for music let's say... Do or will I need the SONOS AMP or other devices besides just speakers...

6 replies

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Can you provide some more detail?


1/ What is the reason for the AV Receiver?
2/ You will need to be on-Line to set-up, how is this to be achieved?
3/ What existing speakers do you have?
4/ The Zones that you mention in your post, sound more like Audio profiles/Outputs from your AV Receiver. Is this what you mean?

If you use the Amp to link into the AV Receiver, then from a Sonos perspective, you have just one room
1) Reason for AV receiver is to be able to select inputs - Apple TV, BluRay, Satellite etc...
2) Online will be achieved by cellular or hard wired internet connection; within the Motorhome a private Wi-Fi will be utilized.
3) Existing speakers (In Home) consists of a Polk Audio system - 2 front, 2 rear, center and sub. I also have 2 Bose Acoustimass used as a high front setup.
4) The Marantz will be used for a variety of inputs (built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplay, and front-panel USB) - So I am assuming the SONOS system can be connected to the AV receiver via Wi-Fi and or Bluetooth...
So I am assuming the SONOS system can be connected to the AV receiver via Wi-Fi and or Bluetooth...

I'm assuming the Polk and Bose speakers are connected to the AVR?

Are you planning to add additional Sonos speakers in the future as a replacement for the built-in speakers currently connected to the AVR?

By using a Sonos CONNECT as an additional input device on your AVR (RCA or optical cable connection), you will be able to stream anything which the Sonos app on your iOS/Android devices and desktop pc's is offering through the AVR's connected speakers.

Any 'zones' configuration would be subject to your AVR's capabilities. Note that those 'zones' would not be visible or even remotely controllable through the Sonos app at all. Controlling them would be solely done through the AVR.

Also, any Sonos device requires a permanent connection to an ethernet Router, either by cable oder wirelessly.

Zones in Sonos is a competely different concept compared to your AVR. Every single Sonos player (may it be a Play:5 or the new AMP) acts as a single zone (or room) in the Sonos app. In order to create multiple zones in the app you'd need to add additional sonos devices.
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To backup what @passopp has stated; the Sonos Amp (which has now replaced the Connect Amp) would just be another Source for your AV Receiver. Please note that Sonos doesn't support Wi-Fi connections to non-Sonos devices nor Bluetooth, only wired or optical connections are supported.

I'm not sure what you'll achieve by including a Sonos Amp that you wouldn't get by connecting your Phone or Tablet to your AV Receiver and using a free music streaming App.
My polk audio system is for the house, I am currently using the Marantz AV to select inputs from the cable box and Apple TV. It is connected to the network so I can stream Sirius, Pandora etc... The Apple TV I'm using as a media server for PLEX, Netflix and Prime. What I plan on doing is moving the AV receiver into the motorhome and duplicate everything except the Polk Audio speakers. This is where I was hoping to use a SONOS solution as described above. SO in the end the home will no longer be and we will be full timing in the motorhome... Am I confusing everything or is it more clear of what I am hoping to achieve?:?
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Thanks for clarifying. Yes, you can use Sonos products as an alternative to your Polk Audio Speakers. You would need to get either a Sonos Amp (Connected to Passive Speakers) or a Play:5 and use the Line-In connection from an output of the AV Receiver.