Mainly stereo music: 2x Era 100 + Sub Mini or 2x Era 300 (plan attached)

  • 3 December 2023
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Dear all,


I´m searching for a (perfect) system

  1. mainly for stereo music. I use SPOTIFY and therefore Dolby-Atmos is no topic for me, at least at the moment. It´s a nice-to-have function to be future-proof, but does not have the 1st priority.
  2. sometimes home cinema, but not very often. However, as for Dolby Atmos, it´s a nice-to-have function.

There are these options:

  1. 2x Era 100 + Sub Mini or
  2.  2x Era 300 (+ perhaps later a Sub (3. Gen) or newer) or
  3. (perhaps 2x Era 100 + 1x Era 300)

2x Five are no real option, because those are too big (box size) for the room and furniture)

The living room has 32 sqm, the kitchen 9,5 sqm. There is a sliding door between the living room and the kitchen which is open most of the time.


Most times music is played at moderate loudness (background music), not very loud.


  • Is it correct that 2x Era 300 are not the best option for stereo music becasue the Era 300 are made for Dolby Atmos and not for stereo and that 2x Era 100 are the better option for stereo music?
  • A soundbar for the living room would be (later) a Beam, becasue the Arc is too big to place it under the TV.
  • An additional Era 100 (or Era 300) could be placed in the kitchen (indicated by the 100 in brackets in blue)
  • Possible lications for the Eras 100 or Eras 300 are indicated in the figure below. The 100/300 near the couch would be on head height, the 100 near the table at knee or over-head height, the 300 near the table over head-height and the sub of course on the floor.





Best regards


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For stereo music the Fives and a full sized Sub are the way to go. I’d spend some effort trying to fit them into your space. Desktop, stands, wall brackets are all options. The Sub placement can be quite flexible with most rooms having several good locations.

The Era 300s and a full Sub ot 100s and a full Sub are possibilities. I’d think the Sub-mini will struggle to fill that space as might the 100s.

Since you mention space issues and possible TV use have you considered a Sonos Amp and speakers that will fit the room? In-wall options might be a good fit. Add on a Sub or other amplifier/sub, possibly also in-wall. With thee Amp you would not need a soundbar as it had a HDMI input.

You could place additional Sonos where needed for music use and Group them as you desire, that will however likely distort the stereo image if they are too close together, which was your first point.