Looks like I will settle for Connect:Amp to use with outdoor speakers for yard, but what speakers?

  • 22 February 2018
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So I have my entire home Sonos, 8 zones, including ceiling speakers in bathrooms, garage, Play:1, 3, 5's Sound Bar, Sub etc. Except for my backyard! I wanted to mount 2 Play:3's and 1 Play:5 but then thought better of it with the rain, dust etc. I was thinking I could put covers over them when not in use, but don't really see any good covers like cover mate makes for outdoor furniture. So I guess I am stuck with another Connect:Amp.

My yard isn't large being in Vegas, its 80' by 30' but then also has a 20x25' covered patio. So Pool just was finished, and really need to decide what I am putting out there now, because if I have to wire speakers, I want to do it with PVC burried 6" under ground before I landscape.

Question is, I use a Sub inside when I have a Connect:Amp to Ceiling speakers, so what speakers is recommended or is someone using outside right now? Do you also have a Sub hooked up? How is the sound of the system, is there enough bass? My yard isn't large so I only need to cover a 1200sq ft. open area. (because I wouldn't put speakers against all corners, I would have them all closer to covered patio which is centered, so I don't need to cover all 3,000sq ft. of yard.

Thanks any info would be a help.

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1 reply

If you put speakers in just the patio, would you hear music in the pool?
Some days ago I read about the Sonance solution that may be very suitable for you; it can be interfaced to the rest of your Sonos kit by using a Connect to feed the Sonance amp.
See: http://www.sonance.com/outdoor
In particular, see the Sonarray solution that looks very suitable.