Listening to music with a Beam 2 + Rears vs front facing dedicated stereo pair of Era 100s

  • 26 February 2024
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I have a small room with a wall mounted, head level Beam 2 and 2 x Play:1s on floor stands at head level on each side of the sofa, slightly behind my sitting position. The Play:1s add a lot of bass in sa mall room, I tried a Sub Mini but the room size doesn’t need it.

I've ordered a pair of Era 100s using the 30% upgrade code and thinking of keeping the Play 1s purely as surround speakers and using the Eras as a stereo pair, facing the sofa, just for music playback.

I've been listening to music using the Play 1s and Beam but thinking it's probably not the best way to hear music, with the ones behind me.

Am I right in thinking that a dedicated speaker group pair of Era 100s facing me is the best approach?


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You might want to try out using the Play:1’s as your stereo pair and the Eras as surrounds, just to hear which you prefer for music, but I suspect the Eras will be better. Let your ears decide!