LGOLED55B7V LIP SYNC with playbar

  • 23 January 2018
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My setup is a sonos playbar and 2 play ones.
Want to purchase a LGOLED55B7V but want to know 2 things first.
1)Can tv send 5.1 dolby digital via optical out from a hdmi source?
2)Is the lip sync spot on from tv to soundbar?

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6 replies

Hi there, Carlyboy. Thanks for posting. I am happy to answer these for you. I think we may need a little more information about how you plan to set up your Home Theater system.

Ideally, you want to have the PLAYBAR directly wired to the TV via Optical Audio cable (not HDMI). The audio source can normally be connected to the TV via HDMI or any other method without changing the format of the content. This may be a question for LG or your local electronics store if you want to get model specifics.

To better address the problems with Lip Sync, it all depends on signal flow and how things are connected. So long as the TV is connected to the PLAYBAR via Optical, and the TV is not processing the audio in any way the content should be good to go. This tends to become a larger problem when we have AV receivers/amplifiers. This processing delays the audio signal and causes this sync problem. Additionally, some TV's have settings for audio processing which you may want to explore.
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I would use hdmi cables to connect both the sky hd box and xbox one s console to the tv LGOLED55B7V. I would then use the optical out on tv and connect to sonos soundbar with an optical cable.
Has anyone done this and if so was there any lip sync issues and if so has it been fixed via a firmware update?
Only asking as i really want the tv but want to be sure there are no sound issues before i buy one.
Hello, I have the same tv and love it. When I first purchased it there was an issue with the lip sync but it has since been fixed with an update by LG. I am running software version 04.70.36 on a OLED55B7A. When you first set up the tv it will prompt you to do an auto update - make sure you do this. I have a cable box, ps4, xbox1, and 4k apple tv hooked to the tv via HDMI. I then have a playbase connected to the tv via optical cable. I am running a 5.1 setup with the playbase, (2) play 1, and a sub. The sound is excellent and everything is running dolby digital 5.1 perfectly.
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Thank you for confirming this aschmidt101.🆒
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aschmidt101 is this 04.70.36 update for LGOLED55B7A available in europe for LGOLED55B7V?
I live in england uk so want to be sure this update is available here as well.
I looked at the Lg Europe site and it looks like the latest update is 04.70.30. Being in the US I'm not sure that I hit the correct site. You might want to check out the LG support site for the tv to see what they have. I know it was a recent update, right around Christmas for those of us in the US.