Landscape speakers

  • 3 June 2019
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I'm currently researching landscape speakers such as:

acoustic landscape AS4.1

or something similar.

A lot of these show install with "their" amps and show a daisy chain type connections in series (ie a 70V system) for multiple speakers and the sub. Would the wiring be any different for the Sonos AMP since the AMP is an 8 ohm system?

Would I use a similar hookup if I were to use the AMP, or should I buy "their" amps and purchase a separate CONNECT?


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2 replies

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Hi James21

Below is the official word by Sonos on wiring speakers in series, Read more about using the Sonos Amp at the link:

I would recommend contacting the manufacturer of the speakers you are considering to see if they have a suggestion on how the Sonos Amp might be used. If their proprietary Amps have RCA inputs then you could use a Sonos Connect. Know that the Connect is not rated for permanent unprotected outdoor placement.

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A 70 volt system deals with long wire lengths very well but are a bit odd to folks used to 4/8 Ohm speaker setups. A 70 volt daisy-chain is not a series design so it can work with Sonos. Do some research / reading and decide if you want to go that way or not.

You can get a conventional to 70 volt converter and use the Sonos amplifiers but I'd go Connect and dedicated 70 volt amp myself.