Klipsch CDT-5800-C II and Sonos Connect:Amp

  • 28 August 2018
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Would the Sonos Amp supply enough power for the Klipsch CDT-5800-C II? Would they sound better with a higher wattage amp? Sonos connectivity is very good but will the amp be good enough for the speakers. What do you think? Thanks for your help.

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8 replies

Klipsch speakers are very efficient. They should be just fine with the Sonos Amp. They can be louder with another Amp - but not much better. Unless your room is huge, the Sonos Amp should be fine.
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I have those speakers in my kitchen ceiling, powered by a connect amp. It is enough for them, they get very loud. They sound a lot better/clearer than my monoprice in-ceiling pairs I have in other rooms. I recommend these speakers (though they are expensive).
Thank you both for your replies! This info has helped me a lot.
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The only caution I would have is this - only connect one pair of these on the connect amp. These speakers are 6 ohm I believe, and the connect amp runs them all day at very loud volumes.

However, when I add another pair of 8 ohm speakers (for a load of 3.5 ohms), it hits the thermal cutoff pretty quickly (I have never tested the exact time, but it's in the 5-10 minute range) if you run it above 3/4 volume. Then again, when I have it connected to two pair of 8 ohm speakers, it doesn't go much longer. It may be my "impedance matching box" or it may be that the connect amp really can't handle a 4 ohm load at higher power levels for long periods of time. Either way, I only use one pair at a time (while I save up for more connect amps to have all of my built in speakers running at the same time). It's hard for me to justify buying more connect amps, when a single play 5 actually sounds a lot better than a pair of in ceiling speakers!
The speakers are 8 ohms when I checked the spec sheet. I got a bit confused about what you said. Can the Sonos amp power 2, 8 ohm speakers? Thanks for your help.
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I just looked them up and you are correct, sorry for the misinformation.
Yes, it can handle a pair just fine, and will get LOUD and will run all day.

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The Connect Amp can power any speakers that appear to be 4 Ohms or higher. That would be one or two pairs of 8 Ohm speakers, one pair of 4 Ohm speakers.

If you add an impedance matching box the Connect Amp can power any number of speakers but it may not play them very loud.
Ok, got all the information needed. All cleared up. Thanks again for your help and quick responses.