Is there a new Soundbase coming?

  • 26 August 2017
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Just wondering if I should wait for an updated version. Does anyone know when it might be out? Thanks!

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8 replies

Playbase, I mean!
Why would there be? It's Sonos newest product, an unlike Bose, etc, they don't play the planned obsolescence game.
The Playbase was released on April 4, 2017. It would be challenging to think that there would be yet another TV related release very quickly. The general consensus is that they'd be updating something else first, more in line with their current work on the Amazon Alexa. There's speculation about their next device in this thread:

It appears that the images associated with that become unprotected on Monday, so I suspect we'll know what it really is fairly soon.

But yes, there are many of us who would like a better featured version of the PLAYBAR/PLAYBASE twins sooner than later. The real question, at least in my mind, is the length of time it takes not only to decide and design, but to spin up a manufacturing line to work on such a project.
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The smart money is on 'no time soon'.
Thanks. After reading on another thread about the compatibility/syncing issues with the LG C7 OLED tv, I may not even buy a Playbase after all!
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Keep in mind that you're at a place where people who experience problems come, and by no means does this make it a good representation of the wider user experience.

LG's OLEDs are exceedingly popular, and there are plenty of people using them with Sonos. All I'm saying is that you probably shouldn't base your purchasing decision on the experience of one person. There's a nice "no risk" 45 day return policy if you order direct from Sonos too.

I believe the thread you're talking about is the lip sync one. The user reports that the Netflix app runs fine, but when he watches things on DirecTV there's latency. It reeks of a configuration issue as opposed to operation.

Just saying, don't cheat yourself out of an awesome experience.
Thank you, that is a great point and a dose of reality! I am just weighing getting the LG E7, with the built-in soundbar, vs. the C7 and the Sonos.
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I'd recommend any 3rd party soundbar vs. the Sonos one. Sonos only support dolby digital and also only has an optical connection. It's dated, very limited and doesn't work well compared to the competition.