Is Sonos any good to me?

Hi Community. I am probably about to invest in Sonos ... I have five rooms in which I would like to have music (and the ability to specify different music in different rooms via the app - and if possible running the app on several iPhones/iPads). All rooms have preinstalled loudspeaker cables. Two of the rooms have wired loudspeakers hidden above the ceiling. So to of the rooms definitely need a wired solution. The question: - How would I ideally set up Sonos to get the above scenario to work (and not ruin myself)? - Thanks for helping me out!

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For pre-wired speakers you would need Connect:Amps. Each Connect:Amp can play a single source to up to two pairs of 8 Ohm speakers. For multiple sources you need multiple Connect:Amps.
So ...if I buy one Connect Amp for the pre-installed two sets of speakers, these two rooms are good. I can then choose to go for another Amp for another two rooms or go for wireless speakers (Play 3 or 5 i.e.)?
That's right. Just make sure the installed speakers are 8 Ohms and you can power two pairs. Any lower and the Connect:Amp will go into fault mode.
They're Stealth Acoustics and all 8 ohms. Thanks a lot, jgatie!
I suggest a test to first see if the sound from the installed speakers is worth the cost of a Connect Amp to drive them. The option is to forget about them and the installed wires, and use appropriate play units in each room.
Thanks, Kumar. Good input!
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I was going to say that. 1x play:5 costs about the same as the Connect:Amp and I was impressed with the Play:1 that costs 1/3)
If you ask me, just put 1x Play:1 per room or 2 in stereo and you forget the speakers you have and you will be way lower in money spend with enough quality.
Plus.... and this is just a personal opinion.... ceiling speakers are visually discreet but acoustically just in the wrong place.
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It's 3 months old, so probalby irrelvant now, but it's not uncommon for pre-existing speakers to be mono. I once bought a fromer model home with extremely cheap mono speakers installed throughout the house. Useless. The installers didn't even bother to cut a proper hole in the ceiling, so I couldn't even replace them with something more useful, not to mention the useless wiring.
Plus.... and this is just a personal opinion.... ceiling speakers are visually discreet but acoustically just in the wrong place.
I agree; and human ears are designed to best catch sounds coming from the front. As does the sound from live gigs or movies - for the most part!
Ceiling speakers make sense only in places like passageways and bathrooms, or where the need is for just ambient muzak.