integrating Sonos into Russound Cam 6.6 system

When we built our home, Sonos was not around. I put in a distributed sound system by Russound. It consists of a multi-zone amplifier which feeds 6 zones. Each zone has a wall-mounted controller (on/off, volume and source) with in-ceiling speakers. To this system I connect my TV, dvd/cd player, Apple TV, speakers in various rooms…..10 speakers in total.

we are renovating currently and it seems like a good time to make some changes.   I would like something that uses the speakers I have and the TV CD DVD inputs.  I was advised by a sound company that I could do all that I do now with a Sonos ampIt does not seem that that is correct. What would I need to get from Sonos to be able to use the in wall controllers, the in ceiling speakers, controls 6 zones, that I can connect the TV, CD/DVD, Apple TV to.  

i appreciate the advise and your expertise.  Thank you in advance.




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You would need several Sonos amps for this situation. Each amp is designed to cover a single room/zone.  It has connections for a single pair of speakers, but you can connect 2 pair of speakers (same volume and source) with typical 8 ohm speakers.   

As far as inputs go, each amp has aux  RCA, which would work with your  CD player.  They also have a HDMI-ARC port to connect directly to your TV.  That would cover your TV and DVD player (DVD player and Apple TV connected to TV).  And of course, the amp can stream music services directly or play tracks from a local library. Each Sonos amp or speaker can play it’s own audio source, or be grouped with other Sonos devices to play in sync.  That includes the CD player and TV audio.  You can also add Sonos speakers to additional rooms in your home to be play along with your ceiling speakers.

it’s hard to say exactly how well Sonos will fit in with your existing system and goals without more information. We don’t know what TV(s) and speakers you have or where your wiring is.  But it does sound like it would be a good fit for you.

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Although I hate responses from customer support reps that immediately begin by asking for more information without offering any help, it’s necessary in this case:

      What model keypads, and which model main distribution box?  [Edit 2: Oops, double-sorry, you said “CAM 6.6” in the title.  Which keypads?]

(Some speculative help, knowing nothing yet: The hard part will be your requirement, “able to use the in wall controllers”.  You mean the existing ones?!?  The rest, incl. multiple inputs, is easy: 6x Sonos Amps, whether room-local or central daisy-chained ethernet where your Russound box is, will give you 6 analog (or digital) aux input sources, with auto-play if desired.  Again the local sources, like the keypads, is the tricky bit -- if the only access to the speaker wires is centralized thus the Sonos Amps have to all be inside some equipment closet…  Thus more info is required, see above!-)

[Edit: Slow typing.  Same as above!]

[Edit 3: A completely different but obvious option is using a Sonos Port as an additional input to the CAM6.6, which will let you keep your existing keypads, and just carry around an iPad Mini to control the Sonos.  Knowing how you are running your AppleTV now, and what you ideally want, would guide the answer.]