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  • 24 September 2021
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Hi folks 

Ling time Sonos user. First post ever. Appreciate any input/feedback/opinions. Thinking best response wins a $20 Amazon gift card. Lol


Trying to get other opinions on possibly setup ideas and placing what speakers where. WiFi connectivity is not a problem in any room.


Below is what I have currently:


The main tv (living room area) is about the only thing set with arc, sub, and 2 new symphonics just bought today for surround to free up Ones elsewhere.


After that trying to figure what to place where in regards to larger attached area (dining room) off the main tv/arc and the 2 bedrooms (master and guest ) along with back porch/sunroom where I’ve been using the Move.


Here are some pics and room sizes


Room where arc, sub gen 3 , and symphonics are is pretty set (living room). It’s the larger space attached/adjoin (call it dining room) to the main tv (living room) that is challenging Have had second sub tied into the arc (living room) as well which sounds great.


Just tried pairing gen 2 sub with the ones in back of room (dining room) to see as opposed to doubling subs up with arc. Pretty critical I can have good audio while also using 5.1 arc setup in living room. Sub seems to be overkill in bedrooms. Possibly in master bedroom it’s ok where playbar currently is at. Even had playbar at back of larger room (dining room) as was clean on the amour with the sitting Buddha and filled room well with sound. But seemed a waste with no tv. Ideally a mix of airplay in both bedrooms but not necessary.


Living room (where arc is basically the stone wall area to tv 13x10)


Dining room (larger area attached and off living room area 26x19)


Master bedroom (13x14 has playbar mounted on wall under Samsung frame ) (greenish room with tile)


Guest room (13x9) (beige room light wood floors)


Sun porch - anything will do. Have had move here previously as worked well and if I took out of house wouldn’t really miss in main setup. Flexibility of true play is nice though.


Also have an office that don’t use any products as often on calls an can here fine when system is playing elsewhere.


2 symphonic bookshelf speakers

1x Arc

1 x One SL gen 2

1 x One gen 2

1 x Sub gen 3

1 x Sub gen 2

1 x Playbar

1 x Move

1 x Five

1 x Play Five

1 x Boost

1 x ConnectAmp Gen 2




2 replies


Looks like missed a couple living and dining room pics 



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Living Room - Arc, Sub (Gen 3), SYMFONISK Bookshelf (2)

Dining Room - One SL + One (stereo pair), Sub (Gen 2)

Master Bedroom - Playbar

Kitchen/Patio - Move

Guest Bedroom - Five

Office - Play:5

Backyard - Connect:Amp + pair of new outdoor speakers