ideas for using miles to add to my Sonos collection

  • 10 October 2016
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Sonos decision

Okay so here comes an odd and detailed question on sonos system. I traveled for work for many years and have accumulated 112K miles on United Airlines. I do not anticipate using them to fly so i would like to use them for expanding my sonos collection on their shopping site. That is my budget, 112k miles.

The biggest problem i want to solve is i want my sonos to play my tv sound regardless of what is being input to it, (cable, Roku, Apple TV, dvd player). I currently do not have a receiver but it is an option.

I know the simplest solution is the Playbar but the miles i have is only enough for the Playbar not the subwoofer. I have two problems with this. first, i already have a soundbar/wireless sub solution for the tv and its inputs which is okay sometimes except for the one situation that i am trying to solve. My home is has high ceilings and all ceramics tile floor so it is like a cave. The sound form my current setup or any setup i image, goes throughout the entire echoey house. I want the option to have a Play 1 next to a a chair in the farthest point from the tv when i can turn down my current soundbar setup to no volume, and play sound more reasonably through the play 1 quietly when only one person is trying to watch tv and the others are trying to sleep 🙂.

So here is what I think will solve this.

Purchase a receiver and a Sonos Connect (I already have 2 Play 1’s). My impression is that i can use the RCA line out from the receiver to the RCA line in on the Connect and i will then see a source called Line In to use as an option to play into the existing Play 1’s. Is that correct? The follow up to that, presuming it is correct, is will that then pick up sound from the receiver regardless of where it coming from, be it cable box, apple tv, roku or dvd player, provided all four are connected in to the receiver via hdmi?

Here is what each item costs in miles
Connect 48,800
Amp 68,800
Play 1 32,500
Play 3 36,900
Play 5 68,800
Play Bar 93,500
Dennon 39,900 (receiver)

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1 reply

In theory you're correct, in practice you'll probably find the receiver will not output any digital input through its analog output (a copy protection measure I believe).

I'm also not entirely sure how you'll use a receiver with your existing soundbar, seems like a bit of a waste of a receiver to me.