I own playbar/sub - need play 1s? or play 3s?

  • 27 October 2016
  • 3 replies

Hi Im' looking for some opinions and guidance on what I should buy. I have the playbar/Sub / play 5 - I'm looking to get either the play1 or play 3 to complete the surround sound cinema setup.

What do you guys think is best.? My living room is medium size. Do the play 3 allow for surround set setup (both 1 and 2nd gen)?
Is there a 1/2nd gen on the play 1s? Is there a big difference in sound from the 1 and 3?

I appreciate any feedback.


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3 replies

In surround applications, play 1 units are perfectly adequate, and there isn't anything to gain by using more. There is only one generation of play 1.
Just to add to Kumar's post, there's also only one generation of Play:3s. In fact, the Play:5 is the only two generation speaker.

And I certainly concur with Kumar. In both of my TV 5.1 setups, I use Play:1s, they're perfect for surround sound, and are also most effective when I'm just listening to music.

I do have a pair of Play:3s as well, in another room, they're great as well, but if my budget was limited, and I'm adding to a Play:Bar, it would be a set of Play:1s.
Shoot. Playbar. Why isn't it named Play:Bar? What's wrong with their marketing department? Consistency is key! 🙂