I have 1 x Play 5 plus Sub - what to buy next?

  • 17 February 2017
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Hello, can you all please help me with best setup given my existing components?

I am either going to get another Play 5 for a 2 x Play 5 plus Sub setup...

or, get 2 x Play 1 for a 1 x Play 5, 2 x Play 1 plus Sub setup...

It's very hard to figure out which to do! I am more concerned with quality music sound than any sort of surround sound set up. Please help!!

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5 replies

or, get 2 x Play 1 for a 1 x Play 5, 2 x Play 1 plus Sub setup...

That's what I would do, to also then get music in 2 rooms/zones. Take care over speaker/Sub placement for best sound quality and then run Trueplay.
PS: and I would put the 1 pair + Sub in the primary listening area.
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I agree with Kumar but if you did go with two play5 forget the sub. - Kris 🙂
Agree with Kumar. Put the Play:5 in another room and get 2xPlay:1 + Sub for the primary listening area. This is the most cost affordable way of getting stereo separation and bass in the main listening area, plus an awesome standalone speaker in another room so you can experience multi-room music. Putting the Play:5 in the same room as the 2xPlay:1 + Sub is not recommended. It will muddy up the stereo sound of the 2xPlay:1. More speakers are not necessarily better for sound.
If I really want to keep it all in the same room/area but improve the punch, sound and versatility (e.g. having a party on an outdoor terrace, watching movies) - would you still recommend the 2 x Play 1s? Or are you suggesting that just because it allows me to have better multi-room functionality? I'm not really that bothered about multi-room - i'm in a small London flat!!

I hear your point about the Play 5 muddying up the stereo on the Play 1s.... how big of an issue is this really? Is it noticeable outside of audiophiles? It almost sounds like you're suggesting the best single room set up would be two Play 5s - and the Sub because I already have it!

Thanks for the tips!
I would still go with a 1 pair + Sub and leave the 5 to be a mobile unit - you do have a bedroom?! And the outdoor terrace will be better served by a 5 unit kept there for a party.

Further, if you were to keep the 5 at the other end of the living room as the 1 pair+ Sub, it would allow music to be heard evenly across the entire space as well, for an occasion like a party there.