How to get more even sound in larger room

  • 10 July 2022
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Hi there

Looking for some advice. I have a 9m by 4m kitchen dining room as shown. At the north end it’s all glass (so I can’t put a sideboard or shelf there) dining area. At the south end is the kitchen area with sink, hob, cooker etc.


Right now, I have one Sonos Five, positioned on a sideboard as shown in the picture. The “problem” I have is I have to crank fairly loud to get the most out of it in the kitchen area - but that can be too loud for anyone sitting at the dining table.

I am considering buying a second Five to put at the south-east corner of the kitchen to fill the room with sound more evenly. But when I look at pairing two Fives, the documentation seems to want them to be a left and right channel about 8ft apart. I also wonder if adding a Sub would be more “room filling”.

Curious how folks would get more even sound distribution in the room … sadly putting speakers in the ceiling is not an option!

It’ll only be used for music - no TV in this room.



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1 reply

Just to first of all mention that you do not have to stereo ‘pair’ any Sonos products, including the Fives, they can be ‘grouped’ together instead and if the Fives are placed horizontal, each will output the L/R audio channels - I’m inclined however for your size of room to add more than one additional Five - perhaps also add a couple of Sonos Ones/One SL’s to the Kitchen worktop area too… and try to get them evenly spaced around the room on any available safe nearby surfaces, or maybe put the new Five on a stand, so that all speakers are set around shoulder/head height when seated. A Sonos Sub might also be worthwhile too perhaps placed mid-way, but that is a matter for yourself.