How long can an return take?

  • 28 June 2022
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A few months ago I bought a subwoofer from the Sonos website which turned out to be defective. The return got approved, and I sent the defective unit to Sonos’ service center, as requested. According to the tracking information provided by UPS, the unit arrived at the service center on the 4th of May. Since then it's been 8 weeks of almost complete radio silence from Sonos and I do not know what is going on with my return and refund.

I've been in contact with the customer service multiple times during the last 5 weeks, and they have been unable to do anything about it. I finally got a reply from someone from Sonos Customer Experience - Level 2, 1 ½ weeks ago but other than a pretty generic “I’m sorry for your experience” email I haven't heard anything from them.

Does anyone know if there is someone that I can contact to get this resolved as soon as possible? I’ve tried their chat, calling them, emailing them as well as emailing the ceo, which is when the person from Sonos Customer Experience - Level 2 mailed back, but I still don’t have more information than 8 weeks ago. I’m kind of at my wits end now.

Anyone else that have had their return drag on, and if so how did you go about to resolve it?



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I’m going through what feels like either massively incompetent or downright criminal business processes. Bought a speaker that was defective, sent it back with the charger and only got a refund on the charger. They’ve had both the product AND my money for two weeks. Talked to a guy in a faraway land who I had to wait on hold for almost an hour. He wanted to get rid of me as quickly as possible, and just said yep  I see your return hasn’t been processed, I’ll forward this to finance… BYE! It’s been days and nothing has happened.


This will be our last purchase ever from Sonos.

Damn, that sucks! Apparently, Sonos have always sucked when it comes to refund as I’m able to find 2 year old threads with people having similar issues as us.

You should start your own thread regarding your issue, and keep calling/mailing them. It seems like the only way to get some form of answer from them is by basically spamming them

In most cases where there is a product purchase/return issue, it’s usually best to speak direct with the Sonos Sales Staff, who are available during the hours stated via this link below:

I’m not sure you will be able to resolve the issues, by posting in the user-community here. Anyhow I hope that the link assists and that the issues mentioned are resolved quickly for you by the Sales Team.👍

Indeed, the Sonos Sales staff does not maintain a presence in these boards, nor do I think the forum moderators have any access to that data. 

I’ve already contacted them through those means several times and my issue have yet to be resolved, even though the first time I contacted them was 5 weeks ago.

I’m kind of hoping that a CM can check in and see what is going on, since 8 weeks to handle a return is absurdly too long. I also hope that thread like this can deter potential buyers from purchasing directly from Sonos since their post purchase service is truly terrible.

There’s no denying that their products are good, but you’re better off purchasing from a trusted vendor, as dealing with Sonos have turned out to be a nightmare and unproductive


I had problems with a Play 5. Got quick help from support that throug diagnostics could se that the wifi-card was damaged. Then they accepted a return.

Problem is I’ve waited 1 week to get at freight note to be able to send it back in order to get the new one that they promised. I’ve contacted them every day to see why I can’t get the freight note. They always ask for my understanding and that the issue has been escalated. Still no solution…

From what I can read from others this will be a long time without a Play 5 and surround sound...