Horrible Customer Service

  • 20 June 2022
  • 1 reply

Whats going on with the Horrible customer service ??

I placed an order the other day for the Ray Speaker and it got delivered to the wrong address.

I have called in 6 times to get this fixed and have received the run around. I even sent an email to the CEO and still no response. 

I just called in today at 9:30 PST and the Sales Department is Closed !!! 

What has Happened to SONOS and their Wonderful Tech and Sales Support.

This is Ridiculous. I cant even begin to tell you how “Frustrating” this is !!!!

1 reply

Was the order shipped to the wrong address by SONOS or has the shipping company delivered to the wrong address?

Not a SONOS issue, but I’m routinely having packages dropped off on my steps that belong to nearby and not so nearby addresses. In one case I was sitting on the steps, waiting for a package that was on the truck, supposedly headed for my block, but the delivery was aborted because “no one home” at the time that I was sitting on the steps.