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  • 5 September 2017
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I have a "technics SL 1700" turntable which I will connect to an amp (not moving the amp cross country as it isn't worth it.) Advice on connecting to Sonos system. (I already have sonos 1 up and running for digital media)

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6 replies

You will need a Sonos product with a line-in. These are the Connect, the Connect:Amp, or the Play:5. The Connect will be the least expensive, but the Connect:Amp allows you to connect an additional set of speakers and the Play:5 is a great speaker along with the line-in. You will also need a phono pre-amp to convert the phono level output of the turntable to line level input for the Sonos line-in.
thanks. I read: "Pre amps are primarily used very next to input device like microphone etc. Preamp amplifies signal just balanced enough to be fed to next amplification stage. Power amps drive the Speaker directly. Most amplifiers have preamp built-in the main circuit." So presumably the tuner/amp I was using ( Denon DRA 355) with AR 2ax speakers had both. Will something similar work ? Is it possible to use both "regular" speakers, close to the turntable & amp, and sonos / wifi speakers in more distant rooms, or do I have to have an all-sonos system? Will a combo unit like the Denon "over-power" the sonos units, so I should have a pre-amp only, not an amp?
Actually, you will need a special pre-amp called a Phono pre-amp. To increase recording time and reduce hiss, phonograph records are recorded with what is called RIAA Equalization. This produces a lower level signal with the low frequencies reduced and the high frequencies boosted. In order to reverse these conditions, a phono pre-amp stage is needed to convert them to standard line level signals with proper equalization. Older receivers/amplifiers often had a Phono plug built-in, but since the decline in popularity of records, nowadays they are scarce. So a separate device containing a phono pre-amp is needed to convert a phono level signal to the line-level used by Sonos. Some turntables have this phono pre-amp built-in, but that Technics does not.

They aren't expensive, you can pick on up at Amazon for around $10-20.
hi, thanks, I'm seeing the info I need (i think) on the sonos web site. will read more & return if I have more questions.
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hi, thanks, I'm seeing the info I need (i think) on the sonos web site. will read more & return if I have more questions.

Hey mhead110 I penned a thread not too long ago that covers the topic of using a turntable with Sonos. It may be of some help to answer any additional questions you may have.