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  • 14 November 2017
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Hi! I'm planning to mount all my home's sound based on Sonos. I have 4 pairs of Polk RC80i distributed along the house, all of them connected by wires to a central place at the house. I have one TV at this place and one TV distant and both TVs should be connected to 2 pairs of these speakers each.
As far as I understood I'd need following Sonos structure to connect everything:
- one TV could be connected directly to the sonos:amp by wire. These amp would connect to two pairs of the speakers, including the pair that will serve as sound to the TV
- the other TV would connect to a sonos connect, which would connect itself wireless to another sonos:amp, which would connect to the other 2 pairs of speakers
- besides that, I'd need one playbase and one sub for each TV.

Could you please check if that's right? Can I replace the Sonos Connect in the second TV for the playbase? Does it connect wirelessly to the Sonos:amp?
Thanks in advance!

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1 reply

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If you want surround sound for both TVs, you'll need a Playbar for both. Actually, as far as I know, you'll want the playbars for your TVs regardless, as the other Sonos speakers are not optimized for TV output. Your wired speakers can then act as surrounds as long as they're connected to a connect/amp(yes they will communicate wirelessly to all other sonos speakers). You said you had 4 pairs though, and I'm not positive on this but I think all speakers connected to a Connect have to be in the same group, which means you may have issues setting up one of those pairs in a surround sound setup with the Playbar.
This setup is beyond my wheelhouse though so I'll just bump this up for someone with more experience to hopefully answer your question.