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  • 15 January 2023
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I want to purchase a Sonos amp to connect to 2 wired outdoor speakers and add 2 portable outdoor wireless sonus speakers! What sonus device  should I purchase and does it have to speaker inputs to use both?


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2 replies

If the area/vicinity, where you plan to put the Sonos portable speakers (Sonos Roam and/or Move), has access to the LAN’s main WiFi signal, then there’s not going to be an issue - you can group the (wired, or wireless) Sonos Amp and it’s connected speakers to all your Sonos portable speakers (up-to 32 Sonos devices per Sonos Household/System) over that WiFi connection, to play all music audio in perfect sync.

Both the Roam and Move, whilst water resistant, should ideally be stored indoors and taken outdoors for their use as required. I tend to leave them on their Sonos chargers when not in use.

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No Sonos device has speaker inputs, but the Amp has speaker outputs, if that is what you are asking.