Help with Beam (Gen2)

  • 3 November 2022
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I have a Beam (Gen 2) set up with my TV.  It's in a lounge approx 10m long with a flat roof and a glass roof lantern.  Unfortunately when it rains it creates a lot of noise and I have to have the soundbar really loud.   Can I add the Symonfisk bookshelf wireless smart speakers (From Ikea) to the system.   I am looking for something to place behind the sofa that just amplifies what is coming out of the Beam.   I'm not looking for the surround sound where it only plays certain times.   I hope this makes sense as I'm not technically minded I'm sorry.


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3 replies

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Unfortunately, any additional speakers grouped with the Beam will have a slight delay (approx 70msec) and so would sound like an echo of the sound coming from the Beam itself. It’s the way Sonos can sync multi-room sound, but not helpful in this situation. 

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If you bond the IKEA speaker as surrounds you can play music using them at full volume by selecting “Full” instead of “Ambient” in settings.

For TV viewing they won’t help much as surrounds and as another room you have the delay issues nik9669a mentioned.

Thanks for your help and advice guys, 👍