Help - No idea what to buy

  • 29 September 2017
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I'm looking at getting the hubby something for Christmas and he was eyeing up the Sonos when we went shopping but I've no idea what bit to buy!!

He wont particularly want it for the TV (at first anyway- no point just yet as our TV is old and needs upgrading) more for music, multiple rooms would be nice but I think he would be happy with one to start off with so see how he likes it.

So... what bit do I need to buy (I'm a total technophobe!!!)

All help advice very much appreciated.:D

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10 replies

Sonos Play 1. It is the most versatile in the line up for music play and works well as a building block too. As such it can go from cheap and cheerful - not so cheap I know - single unit all the way to a HiFi capable stereo pair, when anchored by the Sonos Sub.

But wait for some announcements to come from Sonos early in October as to voice control for its speakers, using Amazon's Alexa technology, and then decide.
It should be noted that the Play 1 was $50 off during the Christmas season. Another reason to wait.

It's also important to consider what room you think you'll want to use it in, what you currently use to play music, and what music you currently listen to. If you're thinking about using it in a large room to replace an existing stereo system, and you listen to a lot of music with deep base for example....a single Play:1 might come off as disappointing. However, if you want something for the bathroom or office to play background or 'less demanding' music, the Play:1 would be a perfect fit.
Single speaker, small room - Play:1 (Got one in my master bath).

Single speaker, large room - Play:5.

Stereo pair, medium room, no need for heavy bass - Pair of Play:1s.

Stereo pair, large room, medium bass - Pair Play:5s.

Best sound for the money - Pair of Play:1s + Sub.

Ultimate - Pair Play:5s + Sub (way overkill, but my what a sound).
The other reason for play 1 is so that thereafter, hubby can do the heavy lifting using his credit cards!
Sounds like a play1 may be the way to go so he gets a feel for the system and how to use it. Looks like you can just add bits progressively from what you have said, so if he likes it he can add more to the room or add to another room etc.

Thanks for all your replies, i'll keep an eye out for Christmas offers.
Good idea. They breed like rabbits after some time at home. It doesn't even take a pair to start that off:-).
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One question that was asked but not answered by the OP though... How is music being listened to at the moment.
Very important as that will determine the ease of getting onto the sonos platform and the first speaker choice.

CD, streaming (premium or not premium service), youtube.....

That detail will help shape the above responses better.
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I’ve started with a play3, if he likes punchier base, go with a play3 ?
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Definitely play 5. That's what I started with (and went back a few days later and got two more play 5's). Don't like it loud? Turn it down. But for the most capability, get a play 5. It will give him all functionality (and more than a play 1 because he can connect an external source to it), and he can see if he likes the setup, without saying "I wish I had more volume". It may even delay another purchase. If I got one play 1 I would be in the store the next day buying another one to get more volume/stereo sound.
You can sell any of them if you don't like them and not lose too much (check out ebay to see what they are selling for, in case he doesn't like it or can't live with the music sources that function on a sonos system).
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At this point the new Sonos One would be recommended over the Play 1 unless pricing changes for the Play 1.