Help me setup up sonos in new apartment

  • 22 February 2017
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Need help with a speaker strategy.
I am moving into a new apartment and am not sure what my setup should be
I currently have 1 play 5 1st gen
1 play 3
1 play 1
I'm open to buying another speaker to pair, prob either a play 1 or play 5
I've attached a floorplan

My initial thought is two play 1's on the tv stand - paired
a play 5 in the kitchen in the same zone as the 1's

and then the play 3 in my bedroom

any thoughts/ideas on this? would the paired 1's and a 5 work well together and basically give me good coverage in the living room and kitchen?

also, the furniture in the floorplan is not my actual furniture, just the company's ad floorplan.
open to any suggestions, thanks

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2 replies

Buying a 1 to make a 1 pair for the main room as indicated on the floor plan, with the 5 unit in the dining space. The 5 unit should then also give decent music in the outdoor area alongside. The 1 pair and the 5 will go well together in grouped mode.
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thanks for the suggestion, appreciate it