Help me design my Great Room, Kitchen, and Outdoor setup please!

  • 2 April 2024
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I am reaching out for some advice on how to best set up my great room (Zone 1), kitchen (Zone 2), and patio (Zone 3). We are building a new house, so running more cable is no issue. I would rather set up the house now with all the wiring ran and slowly buy the Sono’s products to install, than try to fish wire once the house is finished. Also, please refer me the best possible solution (acting like money isn’t an issue even though it is lol). Attached are two different layouts that I could see us doing with the living room furniture, so please refer the best for both layouts. Lastly, the great room ceilings are 20ft tall at the peak so that makes it interesting. The vaulted ceilings end on the dotted line between the great room and the kitchen. I feel like there isn’t a good way to explain everything so sorry for the confusion...

Zone 1 - Great room:

I am thinking an ARC (plugged in via ethernet) and a sub for sure, but my fear is that might not be enough for how big the room actually is. So adding another sub and possibly rear speakers would be better for the size of the room. In the first layout attachment below, I have In-wall speakers, could these serve as my rear speakers? Even though these in-wall speakers would be on the same amp as the in-ceiling speakers in the kitchen? Would there be delay with grouping these together? Which leads me to zone 2….

Zone 2 - Kitchen:

The overall goal of this zone is having the sound from the TV in the great room in the kitchen when we are not in the living room (eating dinner at the dining table or kitchen island, or cooking dinner, etc). What I was thinking was to install two in-ceiling speakers in the kitchen and two in-wall speakers on the wall behind the dining table (seen in first attachment below). I would have all (4) of these speakers running back to the amp (in the basement utility room). I would put the in-wall speakers on one “channel” then the in-ceiling speakers on the other “channel” on the back of the Amp. This amp will be plugged in via ethernet. With the idea of running the in-wall ones to one channel and the in-ceiling ones on another channel of the amp, I would be able to turn off/on one of these “sets” if I wanted to, right? When grouping these together will there be a delay from the view of the TV and the zone 1 system? I will still use this system to play music as well, but I would like it to revolve around the TV first then music second. I am not expecting amazing sound in this zone, but I think a large delay will bother me.

Zone 3 - Outdoor Patio:

The overall goal of this is watching TV occasionally outdoors and listening to music. I am thinking of having two speakers on the back patio ran back to the amp (in the basement utility room) on one “channel” and two speakers on the front patio running back to the same amp but on the other “channel”. This amp will be connected via ethernet. With the idea of running the front patio speakers on one “channel” and the back patio speakers on another “channel”, I should be able to turn one “set” off/on as I please, right? I am thinking of running an HDMI cable from the back of this amp to a gang box outside (~75ft) so I can plug the TV in outside when I want to watch the game outside. This TV is not a weather rated TV so it will be pulled out when it is needed. Do you think I need an HDMI run back to the outdoor TV or could I group these wirelessly? Will there be a large delay if done wirelessly? I am not expecting excellent sound quality on the outdoor speakers, but I definitely don’t want sound delay with the video on the TV. 

Whew… that was a lot. If you have other ideas or suggestions, then please let me know. I am open for anything really. Also, if there are better options (Sono’s or not) then please let me know as well. Thank you in advance!!!


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Hi @Tbitting25, welcome to the Sonos Community!

With a project like this, I’d recommend reaching out to our sales team to discuss with them. They’ll be able to provide detailed product information, answer any questions you may have, give advice on the placement of devices using your floorplan, and set up an order invoice once everything has been discussed. You have a lot of information in your post which they can use to help recommend what you need and they can also propose further questions to design the perfect system with you.

You can reach them through the following support page link, either with the phone number to set up a case with an agent or the “Questions about Sonos” option where you can provide a link to this community thread (or just copy and paste it in an email reply). I’d recommend calling in if you have the time but you can always use the “Questions about Sonos” option to discuss through email then schedule a call if needed.

I wont close this thread so it’ll be open for other community members to chime in with any suggestions they may have.

I hope this information helps!


@Jamie A Thank you for letting me know. I didn’t know if this was an option. I will reach out to the sales team for further advice.