Help me choose please;) Sonos play 1 or new play one?

  • 10 February 2018
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31 replies

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assumption would be that Play:1 integration with Google Home will be like Alexa - so you would need Google Home device and the skill to be released. Whereas the Sonos One will act as Google Home device and Sonos.
Thanks for clarifying. Personally I prefer to have my speakers placed in the room for best position for sound. The mic should be placed at best position for picking up commands. Therefore for me the two device solution is best at minimum. I'd also recommend a couple more dots or Google mini placed listening area for best results.
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Confused even more now but thanks for all your help;) I just want to get the best i can for my needs and having waited this long the extra 35 for a one isnt as much of an issue as is the need to get something moat suited to my needs and home

Hi Heatherhoward

Sorry that you feel confused….but you shouldn't be.

The Sonos One is built on the same basic platform as the venerable Play 1 that has proven to be one of the best speakers in the Sonos line-up. Now that statement will probably raise a lot of eyebrows. However, I challenge anyone to prove to me that the Sonos One is sonically superior to the Play 1. In fact Sonos by their own admission doesn't make any specific claims of improved sonic resonance of the Sonos One over the Play 1.

Read the following statement and more at the link below it:
Built on the mini-but-mighty blueprints of PLAY:1, Sonos One is backed by a pair of Class-D amplifiers and custom-built drivers, meticulously tuned to the speaker's unique acoustic architecture.

The Sonos One is set apart from the Play 1 by the integration of Alexa and the internal components to support it along with the cosmetic exterior changes. Bottom-line IMO you'd be happy with either one regarding music reproduction. In fact if you turn off the Alexa listening mics of the Sonos One there's no overt difference in basic functionality_it's a Sonos speaker. Albeit that the Sonos One is future proofed for Apple Airplay 2 to accept it natively vs the Play 1.

You mentioned negative reviews regarding Alexa and the Sonos One. Let's put that into perspective. This is a Community Help forum where the majority of what's written is in response to questions like yours; but more often than not problems and/or complaints. Therefore, one really has to sift through the rhetoric (layers) to fully understand what is being conveyed. However, many like myself when asked will most likely give a honest answer although it may lean toward the positive for Sonos :8. Truth…I've seen recommendations in this forum where it was suggested that the poster look elsewhere. Imagine that!

Another factor contributing to negative responses about the Sonos One with Alexa IMO can be attributed to over-expectations by the user. Many who complain about the Sonos One Alexa integration only heard Alexa is coming to Sonos and immediately assumed the experience would be the same as using a dedicated Echo, Tap, Dot and now the Echo Show.

The Sonos One is a Sonos speaker first and foremost. If Alexa where completely native to the Sonos One you probably wouldn't have to install both the Sonos Controller and the Alexa App. Both Apps have to be properly setup to get the best performance and seamless integration between the Sonos One and the Alexa assistant. That IMO is where most failed to understand and therefore had less than a stellar initial experience. The Sonos One is still evolving with better performance and more skills coming in future updates relating to Alexa.

I'm going to do something I try not to do and strongly recommend one Sonos speaker over another and encourage you to buy the Sonos One. As I said earlier you can turn off the listening mics at anytime.

Best success with your decision and Cheers!
So......heatherthoward..... what did you go with and how do you feel about it... I have had my home sonos system for about 6 years and love it. Unfortunately, the wife kept it in the separation and now I am out for a new one. I just came across this looking for some deciding points between the Play 1 and the Sonos One and thanks to amazing characters like AjTrek1..... I plan to go the Sonos One. Would love to hear what you decided....
Im hoping to go with the new version with alexa. I love my echo for playing music(its lousy answering questions!!) and my playlists but as i work for a tight company i cant afford it just yet so am hoping for it as a 40th presssie for my birthday as dropped lots of hints!!!;)Let us know what you get