Help me: Big ground floor

  • 4 November 2016
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Hi, our ground floor is very open, about 10 m (32 ft) wide and 13.5 m (44 ft) deep. The main part of the living room is about 5 m (16 ft) deep and 10 m (32 ft) wide (it forms the end of the ground floor). Mostly open space, the kitchen and hallway are adjacent.

I now have 2x Play 1 and 1x Sub in test and I am already quite impressed by the sound.

I wonder, of course, which is the best combination:

- 2x Play 1 + Sub (~ 1100 EUR)
- 2x Play 3 (~600 EUR)
- 2x + 3 Play Sub (~ 1300 EUR)
- 2x Play 5 (2nd) (~ EUR 1000)
- 2x Play 5 (2nd) + Sub (~ 1700 EUR)

Example: 2x 1 Play with Sub at 1100 EUR 2x Play 5 (2nd) at 1000 EUR is similarly priced option, but what sound is better?

There are soooo many options ...

Thanks dero

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5 replies

I would set up a 1 pair + Sub in the living room and place the three speakers for best results in the most commonly used seating area there.

And then, as budgets permit, I would add a few play 1 units and scatter them over the rest of the space to get a more uniform sound level across the space when needed by playing all as one group; or group as many together as are needed based on what part of the space is occupied because grouping can be quickly changed.

As you rightly pointed out, there are many options, but I have found the 1 units to be very flexible music makers. I have also found the Sub to be very useful in low volume level listening, where its bass allows music to still have a good presence.

But I'd not use the 3 units anywhere; all needs can be addressed with the 1, the 5 and the Sub.
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If I were starting from scratch in my main room I would get 2 Play:5s as a stereo pair and at some point add the sub.
With a Sub added to a 1 pair, sound quality may well be a toss up in comparison to a 5 pair, at about the same price. I would expect the Sub to still make a noticeable difference for low volume level music listening. And also perhaps for head banging levels of music, of which I admittedly have no experience.
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5s get you inputs - for starter always good to have to begin system.
Agreed. But if inputs are a must, a single 5 can deliver these too, and also great sound where stereo isn't needed or feasible.

I think the OP has enough input now to proceed - ideally on a returnable basis, because nothing beats listening at home with preferred music.