Help choosing best combinations of Sonos required!

  • 15 February 2017
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Hi All,

I love Sonos and have been working towards expanding my current set up in my new house. I've gone from a flat to a 3 bed house and need music to envelop my living space accordingly. I currently have a Playbar with Sub and 2 Play 1's as surrounds in the lounge. I want some speakers for the kitchen/diner and also the bedroom.

I was planning to do this slowly and pick up a piece or two over time but now that Sonos plan to hike the prices up in 8 days I am taking the plunge and getting the credit card out. I just need some advice on what would best suit my circumstances as i'm going in circles.

So I was originally thinking a pair of 1's for the kitchen, then I toyed with getting 1 Play 5, but what about a pair of Play 3's... I can't seem to decide. The room is 6m x 2.5m and whatever I get will be on a shelving unit at one end of the room.

The bedroom would be fine with one or two Play 1's so that's no problem. Any assistance / advice will be gratefully received.


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8 replies

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I would put at least two play1 in every room that you want music in. You may find that you want four in your main listening area. For your main listening area I would also add a sub. - Kris 🙂
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If your kitchen space for the devices doesn't really allow for much spacing for stereo separation... I'd go with a P5 in your kitchen (well... that's what I did), it creates some stereo separation by it's design and has much better bass response - I'm sure you won't be disappointed with it.

In a bedroom, depending on size, I'd go with two Play 1s (again .. that's what I did) sufficient audio to fill the space, ability to use it for alarms if I wish, and provides a "push bottom" start/stop on each bedside table. (I know for best audio the speakers should be across the room from the bed... but that simply isn't possible in my space.
I echo the play 1 suggestion; one can always find a use for them so it is good decision to buy a few if you want to pick up something quickly.
Just to update.. I chose to go with a Play 5 in the kitchen and 2 Play 1's in the bedroom. Ordered today so looking forward to their arrival.

Not sure when I'll get chance to purchase more after the price hike but we shall see. I should be good for a while with the current collection. Just love me a Sonos..

Thanks all for the advice.
I have a similar situation. I have a bar, SUB and 2 1's in the TV area. But, I want to build up the music capacity now. My dining and kitchen and TV area are all an open space however. So, to add to my kitchen, do I really need a 5 or could i add another 1 or even a 3? And, for bedrooms upstairs, do I need a pair of 1's or can I get away with 1 per room?
I've found the Play:1 to be perfectly wonderful in my kitchen...although I will admit that I got a pair. My Play:5 sits on the computer table, for when I'm doing slightly more critical listening. I use a pair of Play:3s in the bedroom for music when I'm in there.

It really boils down to what your ears like. They're all great solutions. Go to a local store and listen to them all, and then think carefully about how the environment/placement will change the sound.
In the end after I received my Play 5 and pair of 1s I found that the 5 didn't fill the kitchen area as I'd liked so I placed the 1s in stereo on top of some units in the kitchen and have the 5 on a chest of drawers in the bedroom.

I'm very happy with this and have plans to encorporate Sonos in to my man room next.

This stuff is addictive. If only the price hadn't gone up in the UK by such a large amount !
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For your man cave I would start with two play1 and depending on the size of the room add more if necessary. Kris