HDMI ARC Question

  • 22 January 2022
  • 1 reply

I have an LG OLED55CXPUA  TV and I'm using the Beam as my audio device.  It works perfectly thru the ARC HDMI port of my TV.  However, I want to extract either optical or analog audio using a HDMI Audio extractor and feed the HDMI thru to the Beam.  However I can't get any audio thru to the Beam or out of the optical or analog outputs.  Does anyone know a brand or model of an extractor that will work?  thks/Roger

1 reply

The only ‘regular’ optical to HDMI ARC device I’m aware of is the one shipped with the Beam. You wouldn’t be able to use a ‘normal’ switch device, as the Sonos is looking for an ARC/eARC signal, not a standard HDMI signal. Usually, either of those signals are created by the TV/projector, and sent back out via an HDMI cable to the Sonos….hence the ‘R’ in ARC, which stands for ‘Return’. 

There was a thread earlier in the day in which I mentioned both the Feintech as well as the HDFury devices, both of which can take a standard HDMI signal, and create an ARC or eARC signal.

I’m not sure if this information actually answers your question, though. Can you explain more clearly what you’re attempting to connect, to what, and in what way?