Have Sonos Move for hot tub, thinking about Sonos Beam for TV

  • 22 November 2021
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Hello - 

I need some help from the community here.  I have an outdoor TV (mounted way under the extended patio, no concern with rain issues).  I also have a Move that I pair via Bluetooth for sitting in the hot tub so we can watch TV without blasting the sound from the TV itself.  

I am thinking of purchasing a sound bar on Black Friday and I’m considering the Beam among others.  My desire is to have better sound when not in the hot tub than the standard TV speakers, and being able to watch from the patio and the hot tub at the same time.

I understand that Beam/Move can’t be paired, but they can be grouped.

My question: if I’m watching the TV with a beam underneath, will grouping the Move work? Will there be sync issues? Can I change volume independently on the beam and the move? As I only have one Sonos product now, I am unfamiliar with the process of grouping (wifi? BT?). Is there anything else I should consider?

1 reply

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While the Beam is playing TV audio, you can group the Move to the Beam in the Sonos app, but you may experience a very slight audio delay from the Move. But because the Beam is outside, the delay may not be that noticeable on the Move. Music audio from the Beam and Move while grouped will be in perfect sync though.

You can change the volume independently on the Beam and Move while they are grouped.