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  • 21 October 2022
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I’m remodeling my house  down to the studs.  I’m planning on doing in ceiling speakers in family room, kitchen, mater bath.  The Sonos in ceilings are too expensive so I was going to do non-sonos in ceiling connected to Sonos Amps.  We entertain a lot so I want to be able to have music on in the living room, kitchen, family room and backyard, but I want to be able to control which is on when and sound levels to each speaker set.

Can you pls advise on what I what I think I should buy?

Family room w large tv (this will be the “media room”:

 I was thinking sound bar and in ceiling dumb speakers.  

  • Can I connect the Arc to dumb in ceiling speakers?  do I need an Amp for that?  will there be any audio lag?

I think the Arc surround package might be a better way to go, esthetically, I’m not keen on having exposed speakers in the corners of the room.

Living room w Samsung Frame 55”

This will be the room I’m sure I’ll watch weekend sports while the kids are in the family room watching Disney+.  this will also be a room that will need music for entertaining.  Due to the ceiling structure, I can’t do in ceiling speakers.

  • Was just thinking an arc for this, but If I’m just watching sports and music for parties is that overkill?


2 in ceiling speakers to a Sonos Amp.  

  • To save $ would you recommend I go with a Connect gen 2?


two speakers mounted off the kitchen.  

  • Can I run these off the same amp as the kitchen and have the ability to turn them off, while still playing music in the kitchen?  

Master Bath:

dumb speakers with a Sonos Amp.  

  • Do I really need two speakers for a bathroom?  


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