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If I get 2 years out of it it works out at less than 50 pence a week..
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I have a 20 TB storage server with a Xeon CPU, SAS drives and 4 Gbps network connection. Besides drives, it cost me about $150/year so far (I've had it for quite a while) - same idea, and it's way better supported and faster than a RPI.

Among other things, it can hold movies and my DVR'd shows and serve them up to multiple clients. It's saved me more than its initial cost because it lets me use a single device on each TV, for a long period of time, and greatly slowed my edge device upgrade cycle. Oh, and it removes my cable box fees, too. I've moved from DVDs to Blu-Ray to 3D Blu-Ray, to digital movies, using the same set top boxes with full quality - and I only need one STB to handle photos, music, movies, TV and streaming.

For Sonos though, the dumber and older, the better, and consider it a burner device. Until they do a stack upgrade, their only SMB1 support is going to be a problem, as many NAS devices are coming with SMB1 disabled, and some of them not even available anymore. SMB3 is now the preferred protocol, even by Apple.
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My "real" NAS isn't my Raspberry Pi either but I don't want SMB 1 available on it so it wasn't a viable replacement for the WD drive that has been serving Sonos music for years. I had a pile of Pi systems available and was originally just fooling with one when the idea of replacing my now unsupported WD Live with it came to me.

My original Pi v1 B from 2012 is still getting updates with no problems, the Pi Foundation hasn't mentioned an EOL date yet. I hope that is a ways off as I'm using the Pi v1 as an NTP server syncing to a GPS clock chip card.

There are lots of options available for serving Sonos music and the more aware folks are of the options, compromises and costs involved the better choices they can make.
I just plugged a 64 gig memory stick into my Netgear "Readyshare" port. Music folders by artist/album are in a folder named "MUSIC". I tried entering the path in my SONOS app under "Add New Share" as \\readyshare\usb_storage\music, but nothing was found. What should I try?