Expanding on Play:1 system, what should I get?

  • 6 January 2021
  • 1 reply

I have a couple of Play 1’s that are paired in my family room plus a single Play 1 in the bedroom. I’m looking for a little more robust sound for the family room. Currently there is a lack of rich bass. Am I better of going with a Play 5 or a Sub?


Sometime along I would like to pair all of this with TV and CD music. Currently I have a non-Sonos soundbar and sub-woofer. What additional devices will I need?

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1 reply

If looking longer term for a Sonos HT setup, with either the Sonos Arc, Beam etc; then that will need two surrounds - so your existing 2 x Play:1’s can be used for that and to make it even better and turn that system into a 5.1 setup, you would need a Sub. 

So my thoughts are to forget the Sonos Five altogether and just get the sub for now to improve the bass with it bonded to your Play:1’s stereo paired. Then later add the Arc, or Beam etc; to give you the full Home Theatre setup.