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  • 12 July 2018
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Just moved into a new home and the previous owner has in wall wired speakers. 2 upstairs, 2 downstairs and 2 outside for total of 6 speakers. Each has their own volume control knobs in wall outlet. I would like to upgrade my TV speakers to SONOS and I am wondering if I can purchase the SONOS connect to connect the new upgraded speakers with the existing wired speakers in the wall. Is this possible?

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5 replies

Um, not exactly. First a few questions though. When you say you want to upgrade your tv speakers to Sonos, do you mean you want to get a playbar, playbase, or beam? Second question, where is the end point(s) of the speaker wire for the wired speakers? Is it all in one central place or in different rooms?

Regarding the CONNECT, it doesn't have an amp built in to power speakers itself. You would need to connect it to a separate amp/receiver(s) that would then power the speakers. The CONNECT:AMP does have the amp built in, so it can link to the sonos system and music sources and power your speakers. So if you had a playbar, for example, with your tv, using the Connect or Connect:amps would allow you play audio from the playbar and your speakers in sync.

How many CONNECT (plus 3rd party amps) or CONNECT:AMPs you need depends on where the speaker wires end and if you want to play different audio in your different speaker locations.
Yes I want to get a playbar, Playbase or beam. End points are in a central place near where the TV is going to go. From what i understand about the Connect AMP based on my discussion with Sonos is that I would need a connect device for each zone, Upstairs, Downstairs and Outside.
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You'd need a Connect Amp or Connect with an external amp for each area that you wanted to play different music in at the same time, no way around that.

If you want to play the same music a Connect Amp or Connect with an external amp can drive more than one pair of speakers. The Connect Amp will usually drive two pair of 8 Ohm speakers without problems, you can add an impedance matching unit to run more but may run low on power to play louder music. With an external amp and Connect you just buy the amp that matches your needs and plug the Connect into it.
When you say drive two Pair of 8 Ohm speakers do you mean 4 total speakers?
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Yes, one pair (2) 4 Ohm speakers or 2 pair (4) 8 Ohm speakers.