Existing turntable and amp - what adapter for Sonos // do not want to hardwire

  • 30 November 2022
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I am looking into buying a few sonos speakers (because they do not need to be hardwired to my record player).  I have an amp and a record player (it is not bluetooth) that I would like to continue to use but Im having a hard time figuring out what adapter I need. Is this a possible set-up?


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3 replies

It’s not possible to play the turntable over Sonos without wiring it to a Sonos device which has an analog line-in (Port, Amp, or Five).  If it were a bluetooth turntable, you could connect it to the Roam and play to the rest of the system from there.

Although there was one turntable just announced in the last couple of weeks that does/will wirelessly connect to Sonos, but it’s fairly pricey. 

I think it’s this one:

Here’s another review/post on another site: