Era 300 stereo pair with Sub Mini - VS - Fives stereo pair (no sub)

  • 18 July 2023
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I was wondering if anyone has been able to A/B test the following two setups, and can recommend one over the other - intended for music listening.


Two Sonos Era 300’s (stereo pair) + mini sub


Two FIVES (stereo pair)


I know the Fives have much stronger low end, but I’m wondering if the sound stage of the era 300’s plus a sub mini would create something even better?


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2 replies

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If you listen to a lot of music in Dolby Atmos, go with the Era 300s. If you don’t really care about Dolby Atmos music and primarily listen to music in stereo, get the Fives.

If you go with the Era 300s, you may not need to add a Sub Mini as a pair of Era 300s produce plenty of bass.

To me, room size the biggest consideration. If you’re trying to fill a room that’s 15ftx15ft or larger, then I would definitely go with the Fives...and add a full sub. If we are talking about a room smaller than that, the Era 300s are going to fill up the room just fine, particularly when adding the sub mini.