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  • 17 January 2022
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I am an owner of the old gen Play 3 and Play 5 speakers and thinking about upgrading to a home entertainment system with surround sound in my new home.

Wondering what the best configuration would be for a relatively small room? Livingroom is basic rectangle shape with patio doors, dimension 5.7x3.7m approx.

In the process of getting a media unit built above a fireplace so TV and sound bar would be mounted (similar to attached picture - note this is not my livingroom!). Have space for a 60-65” TV.

Would my room be big enough for the complete Arc, sub woofer and 2x Sonos 1s? Or is this overkill?

Also - would the Arc sound quality be compromised by mounting it as shown in the pic? Sounds like positioning is a key factor in sound quality.

Apologies for the basic questions - relatively new to TV sound systems and want to optimize it as best I can



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1 reply

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I think your room size will be just fine with that setup. Just make sure you leave at least 4” of clearance above the Arc and at least one foot of clearance on the sides so the upward- and side-firing drivers are not obstructed.

How tall are your ceilings?