Do I need the Sonos Bridge??

  • 1 April 2019
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I purchased a Sonos Play 5 (gen 1) some days ago that I am going to set up in my parents home. they do not need much so this is why I went for the gen 1, since its much cheaper. I also have a Sonos connect (ZP100) that im going to connect to their receiver and use the speakers that already is plugged into it.

This setup is going to be on 2 different floors. The wireless wifi is ok. but the question is this, do I need a Sonos bridge and what difference would it do with/without?

Thanks allot for answers to my little problem :D:D


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We no longer recommend the use of a Bridge under any circumstances - a modern router’s WiFi will serve you better.

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6 replies

You probably don’t need to use the Bridge as the Sonos devices will likely setup and run great on the local routers WiFi signal, but the Bridge will create a SonosNet Wireless network for your Sonos devices and run them exclusively on that signal. My personal preference is to use the Bridge, but the decision is up to you. Just set the SonosNet WiFi channel well away from your router WiFi channel.

This link to a Sonos Support Page explains the difference between Standard WiFi and Wired SonosNet modes:

Choosing between a Standard WiFi and Wired BOOST SonosNet Setup
Thanks! Then i maybe do not need the BRIDGE. Can a BOOST that is connected to a routher do a better job sending out signal trough SonosNet than a sonos CONNECT? or maybe set up bouth? Better with overkill than somthing that doesent work!?
Maybe think of all your devices as simply being able to 'act' as a Sonos Bridge/Boost and creating a SonosNet wireless network between all your Sonos products ... you only (usually) need the one main Sonos device to be wired to the local network. That often works best.
Most folk will buy the Sonos Boost, rather than a speaker etc; if they don’t need/want a speaker located near to their router, otherwise a speaker, like a Sonos One, for example, will work just as well.
Okey, tanks for the information. Then i think i just will stick to my original plan with just the connect ass boost/brigde and see if it is able to do the job by itself. Otherwise i will by a boost.
If you wire the Connect to the router, you will be setting up a capable Sonos net, very close to as good as what the Boost would do; if this does not work well enough, replacing it by a Boost would probably not be a good solution, and other trouble shooting steps are better performed first in that case.