Ditching the ABUS audio and going to SONOS 4 zones

  • 20 November 2018
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I currently have an 4 zone ABUS audio system. Basically a main hub upstairs, CAT6 run to (4) individual keypads, speaker wire ran to (2) ceiling speakers in each room from the keypads. I want to be able to control each zone speaker level and audio signal independently. From what I've read I could accomplish this with the SONOS connect amp. But to do this on (4) different zones I would need to have (4) Connect Amps. Is there not some multizone connect amp? Any ideas would be helpful.

I'm not interested in changing my existing speakers out in the ceiling.

4 replies

You could achieve independent VOLUMES using an impedance managed speaker switch. If you want to play different streams in all 4 zones you will need 4 Connect Amps.... or 4 of the forthcoming Amps.
forthcoming amp?
I have the exact situation, home is 15 years old and running ABUS in 5 zones, 2 of them outside. How are you dealing with the in-wall controller a-kP2? Did you eliminate this? I am contiplating connecting the speaker wire from the a-kP2 directly to pairs of the CAT5. Meaning splitting the 4 pairs of colors and connecting them to the speaker wire, LT/RT and LT/RT. My concern is impedance matching with such a difference in wire gauge. How are you handling the controllers?