Designing New Whole Home Sound System

  • 10 January 2021
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I am currently helping my parents design and plan their new home sound system. The house is currently under construction and the goal is to locate and wire all sound system devices before the walls are finished. I have a sonos system in my home which they really like for the wireless aspect but they also want the capability to connect a record and CD player into the entertainment system with a 3rd party receiver (where I play all my music from streaming services). 

The Sonos Brexit and pragmatic ways past it

The house will have surround speakers on 2 floors (basement and main floor). Each floor will have a TV with surround sound setup (I’m envisioning a Sonos soundbar and 2 Surround speakers per floor) and the house would ideally have one central receiver connected to the record player and CD player that is capable of playing music on either floor or whole house. There may also be a desire to add outdoor speakers down the road.

I am looking for some assistance from someone with a little more experience to confirm if in fact this setup will work as intended, what receivers are recommended, etc. Beyond their record player and CD player the plan is to purchase all new equipment. 



Receiver that can play music from record/CD/TV through Sonos speakers on one or both floors

Main Floor:

Sonos speaker setup that can play from the TV or from the receiver in the basement.


Any help is appreciated. 

1 reply

In my opinion it would be best to hire a pro.

There is no need to use a receiver for this system and it would complicate system operation needlessly.

Are you anticipating floor, shelf, or in-wall/ceiling speakers?

At this stage of construction I recommend installing at least one network port per room plus one or two ports per TV. Also, run a fiber optic cable to each TV location. The fiber might be ‘dark’ for a few years, but eventually you’ll use it.