Converting a barn and want great speaker system for music

  • 10 October 2023
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I’m converting an old barn that is 35 x 32. The walls are 11’ and go up to a peak that is 23’. How many speakers shold I mount around the space for a great music sound? Where should they be mounted? And chich speakers should I purchase?

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1 reply

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I’d say not Sonos speakers, that space calls for a lot of speakers and a lot of Amp channels and power.

I’d get a Sonos Port as your music source and then look into high powered multi-channel amplifiers and efficient speakers to fill that space.

I’d go with reasonably sized speakers and add subs as needed to reinforce the low end. Passive subs and an amp to drive them are more likely to be hum resistant than long line-level leads to powered subs.

Get plenty of amplifier channels right at the start and then you can add speakers and subs to the space a few at a time until you are happy with the sound.

I’ll give you these links as a good information source, might be a good place to buy from too but you need to shop around to be sure.





These are in-wall versions, other types are available.



Sub amplifiers:|[rank1]1