Connect Yamaha amp to Sonos 5 using "party" function

  • 19 February 2017
  • 3 replies

Can I play steamed music, eg Spotify, through my Yamaha receiver on to my P:5 using the party function when the P5 isn't wired? The receiver can see the p5 is there as zone 2 but the Sonos doesn't pick the music up

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3 replies

To be clear I'm trying to play Spotify off my phone via Yamaha av controller app and then throw the cast out to the Sonos via party mode / via wifi (or however it works...!
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If you connect an output from your Yamaha to the Line-in on the Play 5 then yes
Hi Stuart, I called my hifi 'dealer' and he confirmed what u said, I.e. Party mode can only be used with wired speakers. Alternatively I could use the music cast function in the receiver to throw a signal to a wireless speaker but Sonos does not receive music cast signals, alternative may be to get a connect module but I am wondering how well synchronised the main speakers and the Sonos would be? Is there a time lag between systems?

Appreciate any thoughts?