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I know it's only cosmetic but I would prefer a connect in black. Does anyone agree?

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If I'm not mistaken, I think at one point Flexson sold some vinyl covers for the Connect, in many different colors. Perhaps you could search for them, they may still be available somewhere.

Huh. Here's a link to Amazon. It says it's for a speaker (which they did/do?make) but the picture appears to be a Connect.
Flexson skin for Connect was made in black and possibly only black as I recall.
Are these a barrier to heat radiation and therefore not a good idea?
I don't have any, but I'd think the effect would be relatively minimum. It's a pretty small amount of vinyl. Not zero, but probably not large, and they don't appear to cover any vents.
Why is getting a black connect so difficult! This device shouldn’t be visible and in white it is a beacon sitting on my shelf next to every black component. I will not purchase one in white. I’m actually thinking of dumping Sonos given their resistance to color and frankly a display/controls. I have been waiting for a Squeezebox Transporter replacement and with nothing on the horizon I’m not expanding Sonos any further.
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I would have bought a Connect by now if they offered it in black. White electronics are so 2000s. It would look great next to my Wii and iPod—back in 2006. If you're going to try to make a "stylish" product, you need to keep up. Or, uh, just make it in black and not worry about it. Sheesh. (And this comes from a decidedly non-stylish person.)

Ignoring the value and quality of the products in this photo, does anyone really think it looks good or want it in their living room? They look like they were made by three different designers.

I can just imagine the photographer thinking "none of this stuff looks good together..."
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In general connects are normally hidden so color doesn’t matter There is a black flexson skin
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I've never had to hide a piece of audio equipment before. This isn't some A-B switch from Radio Shack. I mean, I'm definitely not paying $350 for something I have to hide.

To be honest, because of the contrast, I think that skin attracts the eye even more, making it look worse.

You know, it's okay to say, "yeah, they should probably make it in black." I get that you're a Sonos fan, but nothing on this great Earth is perfect.
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I didn’t say they should probably make in black. Not sure how my comment is all Sonos fan.

I do know the limited market for the connect they probably decided that fracturing into two colors just added more cost.

Technology being transparent (hidden) actually to me is preferred. As you seem to want it to blend in I’m not sure why not outright hide. It has no use being out visually.
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You will notice all the devices believed normally hidden just come in white (bridge, connect:amp, boost, connect)


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