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  • 23 January 2022
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Hey everyone, Im ive moved into a new home and working on getting my sound system dialed in.  I have one balcony up and one outdoor space down, id like to have an outdoor speaker in each on different channels.  Isnt it a bit excessive to buy 2 brand new amps and have them just powering one outdoor speaker?  Can I get away with using the older sonos connect amp for each outdoor speaker? I also have 4 rooftop speakers up/2 down but will go with the newer amp here. Just hoping I dont have to splurge on newest hardware to power just one speaker. Would there be a big difference in sound quality between the amps when just powering one speaker? 

Thanks in advance. 

3 replies

Would there be a big difference in sound quality between the amps when just powering one speaker? 


As long as the speaker does not need more power than what the Connect Amp can give it, there will be no difference in the sound quality. But, by one speaker, do you mean one speaker pair, or one unit only?

Just one unit, I will buy the pair and have one speaker up one speaker down and would like them on separate channels.  The amps would end up being more than the speakers… when do you start to run into trouble with the power output with the connect amps 2 or 3 speakers before the sound is a bit lacking ? Is there anything to worry software wise with the sonos connect amp being outdated if I were to find a couple on the second hand market and pair them together with some of the newer equipment?

thanks for the response 

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Just make sure what you buy used is S2 compatible unless you want to (you probably don’t) run a split S1/S2 system.

Multiple speakers, you face two issues there volume and impedance. I’m too lazy to look it up to verify but I think the Connect Amp will do four 8 Ohm or two 4 Ohm speakers. Volume depends on speaker efficiency so you could get more sound from more efficient speakers. If you mix high and low efficiency speakers you will have a volume difference in the two.